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Stained Glass Restoration and Repairs

Stained glass in a private home, Buckie
Stained glass repairs Aberdeenshire and Moray
Victorian Stained glass restoration Aberdeen
Stained glass repairs Moray and Aberdeenshire
stained glass repairs Moray
Stained glass repairs Moray and Aberdeenshire

Stained glass panels can last for hundreds of years in the best of circumstances but weathering and accidental damage mean that repairs and restoration are needed sooner.

In-situ repairs are usually quicker, often taking a few hours, whereas a full restoration can take months.  Offering a free initial assessment (if not too far away!), I can give expert advice on the work required and costs involved, whether it's one broken piece of glass or a larger restoration project.

Panels that require more attention are removed from the wooden or stone frames and brought to the workshop. The panel space is boarded up securely until I can install the restored panels. If any major wood work or stone work repairs need to be done, this is the time for a joiner or stone mason to be on-site.

Where appropriate, I leave undamaged lead and glass alone and where necessary, I choose replacement glass and lead to match as close as possible to the original and use these to restore the panel.

The restored panel(s) can then be installed when it has had time to dry and harden from the last process of lead-light cementing.

 Advice can be given on how to look after lead and (tinted) glass panels, especially those with painted detail.

I supply detailed recommendations and estimates for my customers and these can be provided for insurance companies if required.

Stained glass :On the workbench ready for repairs
Stained glass repairs Moray and Aberdeenshire
Stained glass repairs Moray and Aberdeenshire

This beautiful stained glass panel in a vestibule door in Buckie, Moray, had a few breaks that could have been repaired in-situ if it weren't for the whole panel being too unstable to work on. The panel was loose from its tie-bars as well so we took the whole panel out, boarded up the space and brought it to the workshop. This panel had numerous old repairs that were not great and it was also not fitting in the door quite right. So I made the decision to completely re-lead the panel, making it strong again and ready for many more years in a well-used door. 

Public buildings and large scale projects

I restore and repair large stained glass panels in public and private buildings, often alongside other skilled tradesmen and with fellow stained glass artisans, in order to bring a project in on time and with the craftmanship required.

Stained glass fragment
Stained glass repairs Aberdeenshire and Moray
Stained glass repairs Aberdeenshire and Moray
Stained glass:In-situ repairs at St.Cyrus Church
Stained glass repairs - working at North Church, Buckie
Stained glass repairs Aberdeen
Stained glass repairs at North Church, Buckie
Lead and glass panels - restoration in Aberdeen
Helping with lead work on panels for St. James the Less
Stained glass repairs Aberdeen
Stained glass repairs Aberdeenshire

Lampshades and Cabinet Door Panels.

Repairs to leaded glass in cabinets Huntly Aberdeenshire
Repair on glass lampshade, Huntly Aberdeenshire
Stained glass Huntly, AberdeenshireRepair to circular table lamp shade
Repairs to square based lampshade, Huntly Aberdeenshire
Stained glass repairs Huntly Aberdeenshire
Lamshade repairs, Huntly Aberdeenshire

I carry out repairs to all sizes of glass and lead or copperfoil items. These can be brought to my workshop in Huntly, Aberdeenshire by appointment, or collection can be arranged if local. Small items can often be posted if necessary.

Lampshade Repairs

I remove the damaged sections of glass. If any glass is unbroken, just dislodged, this can be put back. Any replacement glass required is matched to the original as closely as possible. Usually a lampshade will have a 'streaky' colour variation within each glass type which makes it a bit easier to get a good match. I use a copper/tin solder to join the lampshade back together. A patina is then applied to the solder to match the original.

Please note that I do not do repairs to the electrical fittings or cable, just the glass shade.

Cabinet Door Panels

The lead and glass in cabinet doors is often very delicate once it has been damaged. The whole cabinet door should be removed from the cabinet, cardboard taped to each side and then wrapped in a thick old blanket or bubble wrap for transportation. It is best if it can be kept in an almost vertical plain when being moved, or lying completely flat with nothing to fall on it.

Once it's in the workshop, I remove the lead and glass panel from the wooden frame. I take apart the damaged lead and glass sections and replace like-for-like where possible. When repairs are complete, the glass and lead panel is replaced into the wooden frame.  Some basic repairs to the wooden frame can be done if necessary.

Lampshade repairs, Huntly Aberdeenshire

Glass and copperfoil lampshade repaired and back in use. Luckily, not too many pieces to put back in.



Simple but beautifully made cabinet door, needing some replacement glass. Very delicate thin lead and glass to work on, no room for bad craftsmanship.

Glass and lead in a cabinet door, in for repairs, Huntly Aberdeenshire

Re-sizing and repurposing

Restoration of convent stained glass, Huntly Aberdeenshire
Victorian door panel, stained glass Aberdeenshire and Moray
Re-cycling and resizing stained glass, Huntly Aberdeenshire

Salvaged stained glass panels can be re-sized to fit new framework, as an in-situ piece or as a movable 'picture' in a frame. Or the individual pieces of tinted glass can be used to make a new panel. They are great to use as small, one-off pieces in doors and windows around the home or in sheds, workshops or garden rooms.

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